Higher Heart Chakra

1 Symbolism

:: Opening Upper/Higher Heart/Jade Chakra
Positive - Trusts innermost feelings: trusts others enough to open heart, takes emotional risks and shares feelings.

Negative - Feels bitter, betrayed, paranoid:uses mind as a shield:doesn't trust self or others.
:: The Use Of The Colour Jade
Colour can often have reference attributing to symbolic meanings or significance this can be to objects, events, relationships etc.
Jade opens us up to the world of opportunity. Healing and soothing to the mind body and spirit. Known as a 'dream stone' and 'stone of fidelity'. To the Mayans this stone was the 'Sovereign of Harmony' facilitating peace in all areas, transmuting negativity and instilling resourcefulness. One of the stones used on the breastplate of the high priest.
:: Issue
Congruency - Engaging both the heart and mind.
:: Metaphysical Law
The Law of Balance
The universe will mirror back to us our outer world, a perfect photocopy of our inner world. This allows us to make changes inside by seeing what we manifest in our external world.
:: Symbolic Colour
The worn jade derives from the Latin, ili, (guts).
thymus (thymos in Latin) refers to the Soul, comfort, warmth and precious!
It was seen that jade and the Philosopher's stone are identical and that Jade is a symbol of immortality. Jade was used for preserving the body from decomposition. Pearl would assure the dead of re-birth.

:: Positive Aspects Of The Higher Heart
Health, Enjoyment of keeping fit, artistic, good communication from the heart, a congruent person with jade empowers others.
:: Negative Aspects Of The Higher Heart
Head and heart don't agree, low immune system, under nourished.
:: Musical Note
Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency. When in balance, the chakra will resonate with the muscial note F#.
:: Moon Cycle and Season
Click to enlargeMonkey Moon 10th January to 6th February.
Keywords - Inspire, Channel and Attunement.
:: Element
:: Aztec Deities/Mayan Gods
To be advised
:: Suggested Sacred Sites/Holy Wells
'Vierbergelauf' 4 Holy Mountains,
Niagra Falls,
Mandalay Maha-muni Temple, Giza

:: Where Is Your Jade
Are you wearing Jade today?
Do you have this colour in your wardrobe?
Does this colour feature regularly in your life?
How do you feel about this colour?

2 Patterns and Balance

:: Planet
Venus - Aphrodite, Goddess of Love.
Venus orbits between the moon and mercury.
The size of venus
The orbit takes approximately 225 days.
Venus is usualy visible at night.
Positive Traits - Diplomatic and urbane, romantic and charming, easy-going and sociable, idealistic and peaceable.
Negative Traits - Indecisive and changeable, gullible and easily influenced, flirtatious and self-indulgent.
Keywords - Harmoniously, sympathetically, resentfully.
:: Astrological Sign
The scales, the symbol of this sign, have deeply symbolic meaning for Librans, since the need for balance and harmony in their lives is paramount.
They need a harmonious background, free of undue pressure and argument, in order to be happy.
They will sometimes even make sacrifices for the sake fo peace and quiet, giving in too easily to pressure from others and when confronted with a problem they will sit on the fence until the problem goes away, rather than commit themselves to one side or the other.
:: Astrological Wheel - Known As The Seventh House
'Relationships' - How you relate to others - harmonious relationships/disharmony, transcending for growth.
:: Archetypal Patterns
What are the Archetypes?
They are patterns of the psyche that make up an energetic realm that you were assigned to before you were born. The Universe works on our behalf through archetypal patterns. We each have personal mythologies. Eg Michael Jackson - Peter Pan, the eternal child!

Pattern of this type: Judge, Mediator, Guide, Gossip Judging without compassion or with a hidden agenda, (conscious or not) Lover, Prostitue, Patterns of sabotaging yourself and others.
:: Numerology
7 - Trust and Openness, our ability to relax into life.

Positives - Mysterious, organized, analytical, spiritual.
Negatives -Tends to be a loner; lacks confidence.
Careers - Self employed or working in any type of an analytical field.
:: Shadow Chakra
Communication difficulties, fear of expressing your heartfelt desires.
:: Light Chakra
Freedom of expression, integrating the heart and wisdom with pure integrity.
:: Your Higher Heart Is Out Of Balance When
You are unable to communicate act or express whats really in your heart.
You compromise your own truth.
You have a disregard to others and your own health.
You feel 'defence-less'.
You have allergies.
You frequently catch viruses.

3 Physical Balance

:: Location In The Body
Click to enlargeThymus.
:: Body Parts/Glands and Organs
Click to enlargeThoracic Vertebrae T1 to T3, Ribs, Oesophagus, Trachea, Lungs, Thymus, Lymphatic System, Nervous System.

:: Empowering Affirmations
Click to enlargeThe Supreme Happiness of Life is the Conviction that we are loved. - Victor Hugo
:: Crystals And Minerals
Click to enlargeCrystals can be used in many ways, we suggest you intuitively place on your body or carry in your pocket, place around your bed at night time or add it to your drinking water!

Angelite - Provides a protective field around the environment it is placed. A great stone to stimulate the thymus, treat infectious diseases and renew and repair cells.
Boji Stones - Aligns all of the subtle bodies. These stones come in a pair, masculine and feminine, can be used to balance the meridians and chakras.
Malachite - Detox and cleanse your physical, emotional and spiritual self, malachite acts as a purger and mirror to the subconscious, bringing awareness to purification. This stone is excellent to place of areas of dis-ease or pain as it 'draws out' negative energy.
Lazurite - This mineral can be used in the treatment of food allergies, disorders of the lungs and alleviate pain providing relief from infections and inflammation. Also promotes tranquility.
:: The Use Of Essential Oils
Sluggish Immune System - Lemon, Cypress and Rosemary
Lethargy - Juniper and Rosemary
Flu - Cinnamon, Black Pepper and Ginger
:: Foods - A Good Way To Feed Your Chakra
Avocado, Kiwi, Cucumber, Courgette, Marrow, Kale
:: The Use Of Natural Remedies
Click to enlargeCreate your own herbal infusion, tincture, cream or ointment.

Low Energy - Spirulina
Fatigue - Fibralgia, Ginseng and Valerian Root.
Boost Immune System - Echinacea
Sluggish Immune System - Echinacea
Cumin, Poppy Seeds
:: Homeopathic Remedies
Hay Fever: Allium Cepa, Euphrasia.
Allergic Rhinitis: Arsen Iod.
Asthma: Sulphur.
:: Flower Essences
Apathy - Olive (Bach), Kapok Bush, Old Man Banksia(Australian Bush Flower)
Lack of faith in oneself - Cerato
Lack of energy due to convalescence - Hornbeam (Bach), Macrocarpa, Banksia Robur(Australian Bush Flower)
:: Mayan Magnetic Tone 7 - Resonant Tone
Resonant Tone of Attunement
Inspire Energy
- Become One
Keywords - Inspire, channel, attunement
Mayan Name - Uc

Power - Tone 7 splits right down the middle of 13, it represents the centre of your body, your spine without polarities. This is about the here and now, be in spirit and receive inspiration.
Guidance - Align and attune with the Source, inspire yourself and others in creative projects.
Query - Are you living in the present, the here and now?
:: Totem Helper
Chickadee - Cheerful and Truthful Expression
:: Practical Suggestions

4 Mystical

:: Chant/Prayer
"The great path has no gates' - Thousands of roads enter it. When one passes through the gateless gate, he walks freely between 'heaven and earth'.
:: Dualism - Two Basic Opposing Elements
Click to enlargeThe Paradox which is your living mirror - your relationship with everyone and everything'.
:: Metaphor
Shanti Shanti - Peace Peace Peace - So Ham - That I Am
:: Faith
In the Indian subcontinent there has developed a complex variety of religious paths. All those that honour the ancient scriptures call the Vedas are commonly grouped under the term 'Hinduism' the indigenous term for the Veda-based traditions for the entire Indian region is Sanatana Dharma ('eternal religion'). The meaning of Sanatana, is 'eternal or ageless' reflecting the belief that this religion has always existed. Dharma comes from the word meaning 'support', (it is often translated as religion) but its meaning is that it encompasses matter of duty, natural law social welfare, ethics and direction of all activities in life toward transcendental realisation. Spiritual expressions of Sanatana Dharma cover extreme simplicity to extreme sensuality. Ranging from personal devotion to a deity to the heights of abstract philosophy, metaphysical proclamations of the oneness behind the material world, also including worship of multiplicity of deities. It is said that the Divine has countless faces, and all are divine.