Root Chakra

1 Symbolism

:: Opening Root/Base/Red Chakra
Click to enlargePositive - Channels high energy and inspiration into creativity and service, feels secure with self.

Negative - Feels blocked, stuck, frustrated; feels inferior, ill, lethargic, insecure, possibly addicted.
:: The Use of Colour : Red / Black
Click to enlargeColour can often have reference attributing to symbolic meanings or significance this can be to objects, events, relationships etc. Red is hot. It's a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare.

Good Red
* Red letter day - important or significant occasion
* Red carpet treatment - make someone feel special, treat them as if they are a celebrity
* Roll out the red carpet - same as above
* Red sky in the morning, sailor's warning; red sky at night, sailor's delight - pay attention to good and bad warning signs
* Paint the town red - celebrate, go out partying
* Red eye - an overnight flight

Bad Red
* Seeing red - to be angry
* Red herring - something that deceives or distracts attention from the truth
* In the red - being overdrawn at the bank or losing money
* Red flag - denotes danger, warning, or an impending battle

Good Black
* Black tie - formal (as in formal party attire)
* Black belt - expert (especially in martial arts)
* Blackwash - bring things out in the open In the black - having money, doing well in business
* Men in black - government agents
* Black box - equipment or apparatus
* Pitch black - dark as night, very black

Bad Black
* Black out - Loss of consciouness or the act of erasing something
* Blackout - loss of electricity or turning out the lights
* Black eye - damage such as damage to one's reputation, slander, unpopular
* Black-hearted - evil
* Blackguard - a scoundrel
* Black sheep - an outcast from a family or from society
* Black market - illegal trade (goods or money)
* Blackmail - obtaining something by threat
* Blacklist - list of people or organizations to boycott, avoid, or punish
:: Issue
Endorsement of something or someone, need/want approval. 'Seal of approval'.
:: Metaphysical Law
Click to enlargeThe Law of Action - Moving into Life
No matter what we feel or know, no matter what our potential gifts or talents, ONLY ACTION BRINGS THEM TO LIFE!
:: Symbolic Colour
The colour of Blood and Fire. Red is strength and power, dazzling stimulating, heat, intensity, activity and passion. Activity red for traffic lights, red light barring entry to film or broadcasting studios, as well as being the red lamp which used to mark the entry to licensed brothels which is contradictory since instead of forbidding access, it invites it! American Indians as young people of both sexes painted themselves with red which would arouse their strength and quicken their desire. Red acquired healing properties and became an indispensable healing colour all used in countless traditions.
:: Positive Aspects Of The Root
Great calmness, able to release past issues, improved self-survival instincts, good circulation, strength and courage.
:: Negative Aspects Of The Root
Anger, resentment, lust, exploding temper and stuck in the past.
:: Musical Note
Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency. When in balance, the chakra will resonate with the musical note C.
:: Moon Cycle And Season
Click to enlargeBat Moon 26th July to 22nd August.
Keywords Attract, Unify and Purpose.
:: Element
Click to enlargeFire.
:: Aztec's Deities / Mayan Gods
Click to enlargeXiuhtecuhtli - God of Fire and Time
Symbolises Initiation and Impregnation

:: Suggested Sacred Sites / Earths Chakras
Click to enlargeOrions Belt, Thornborough, Yorkshire.
Externsteine Rocks, Germany

Holy Well

Bath Hot Spring's
:: Where Is Your Red/Black
Are you wearing Red or Black today?
Does this colour feature regularly in your life?
How do you feel about this colour?

2 Patterns and Balance

:: Astrological Wheel - Known As The First House
Click to enlargeThe First House is the light you bring on earth for others. It can harden into a persona or mask. But it is also your original self, announcing, 'I'm Here'. The Persona, the face you show the world, your personality, your personal affairs, physical appearance, and physical make-up, how the world sees you, general conditions of health and susceptibility to illness, the house of the ego and I.
:: Archetypal Patterns
What are the Archetypes?
They are patterns of the psyche that make up an energetic realm that you were assigned to before you were born. The Universe works on our behalf through archetypal patterns. We each have personal mythologies.

Social Conditioning - in personal identity which reflects in patterns: Anger, Irritability, Strong Sexual Desires, Conqueror, Alchemist, Child, Rebel, Coward.
Having difficulties in relating to your energy. These can reflect a 'warrior style pattern', Mother /Father in conditioning, Child, Clown, Victim, Prostitue, Saboteur and the predator in ourself.
:: Numerology
Click to enlarge1 - Creativity and Confidence, opening up.

Positives - Self sufficient, determined, natural leader, innovative
Negatives - Can be on either extreme of being too bossy, shy or impulsive.
Careers - Politics, celebrity or business entrepreneur
:: Shadow Chakra
Mental lethargy, 'ungrounded', 'spaced out', unfocused mind, difficulty achieving goals, lack of confidence, weak, suicidal, self- destructive, egotistical, domineering, greedy, addicted to materialism, low sex drive/high sex drive. Fear of abandonment.
:: Light Chakra
Centered, grounded, vitality, focused, nourishment, safety, standing up for oneself, loyalty, support and tribal honour code.
:: Planet
Mars - Your Passion for Life. God of War. Mars orbit lies between Earth and Jupiter. Approx half the size of the Earth. Orbit of approx 2 years. Reddish colour caused by iron-rich dust.

Positive Traits - Adventurous and energetic, pioneering and courageous, enthusiastic and confident, dynamic and quick-witted, assertive, willful and initiative.

Negative Traits - Selfish and quick-tempered, impulsive and impatient, foolhardy and dare-devil, aggressive, headstrong, selfish.

Keywords - Assertively, urgently, forthrightly, selfishly.
:: Your Root Is Out Of Balance When...
Click to enlargeYou regularly find yourself involved in arguments or conflict.
You have angry outbursts or temper tantrums.
You feel that others aren't listening to you or taking account of your needs.
Your quick to point out people's faults or complain about services that you perceive as substandard.
You don't like being wrong.
You use force or verbal aggression to get your way.
Your first response to anyone who upsets you is to retaliate.
You can't stand losing and could be described as competitive.
:: Astrological Sign
ARIES - Arians want to stand out from the crowd and have all the will to succeed. They are basically uncomplicated, direct in their approach and able to cope in a straightforward manner with the day to day problems of life. They strip away everything that is not necessary to the achievement of their goals, whether these are immediate or long-term for example, the menu for tonight's dinner or the details of a contract. Their ability to see clearly the essential elements of important decisions is both enviable and convincing.

3 Physical Balance

:: Empowering Affirmations
Click to enlargeThere is vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated into positive action.
There is only one of you in all this time, your expression is unique.
:: Crystals And Minerals
Click to enlargeCrystals can be used in many ways, we suggest you intuitively place on your body or carry in your pocket, place around your bed at night time, or add it to your drinking water.

Bloodstone - Good to purify the blood, kidneys, bladder, intestines and liver. Neutralises toxins within the body. Bloodstone has been used in the treatment of leukemia. Balances the bloodflow, especially useful for heavy periods.
Garnet - Provides purification, cleansing and elimination of that which is in disorder. An excellent stone for the spine and spinal fluid, bone and cellular structure. It has been used to treat and balance sexual energies and to enhance the assimilation of iodine, calcium, magnesium and Vitamins A, D and E. Can help repair and prevent damage to DNA structures.
Hematite - Can be used for leg cramps, blood disorders (anemia) nervous disorders and insomnia. Can assist spinal alignment by placing hematite at the base and top of spine. Accelerates the healing process for breaks and fractures of bones.
Ruby - Encourages one to follow bliss! It is said that ruby will light the darkness on all levels. The energy can assist in changing ones world, promoting creativity and expansiveness in awareness and manifestation. It has been used in the treatment of fever, heart disorders relating to blood flow.
Smoky Quartz - An excellent stone for 'grounding', enhancing attentiveness in the moment and protection. Suggest that the point faces away when laying quartz on or around the body.
:: The Use Of Essential Oils
Essential oils contain many therapeutic properties, you can introduce these in the home in a variety of ways ie, atomiser, bathing, massage and steam inhalation.

Nervous Tension and Stress - Cedarwood
Depression and Nervous Exhaustion - Patchouli
Athletes Foot - Clove Bud, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree
Chilblains - Lemon, Lime and Black Pepper.
:: Foods - A good Way To Feed Your Chakra
Click to enlargeRed foods contain lycopene, which reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
Red Meat, Strawberries, Red Cherries, Tomatoes, Red Lentils, Raspberrys, Watermelon, Pizza, Ketchup, Bolognese, Black salsify, Red Peppers, Red Chillis, Cranberries, Red Apples, Rhubarb, Beetroot, Radishes.
Instead of taking a statin drug, eat watermelon - it does the job just as well, researchers have discovered. The fruit is the richest edible source of the amino acid L-citrulline, which regulates healthy blood pressure. Once in the body, L-citrulline is converted to L-arginine, another amino acid. However, the latter can cause nausea, gastrointestinal problems and diarrhea when it's taken as a dietary supplement, especially among adults who already suffer from raised blood pressure. In a small study of nine adults, their blood pressure normalized after they consumed six grams of watermelon extract every day for six weeks.
:: The Use Of Natural Remedies
Click to enlargeCreate your own herbal infusion, tincture, cream or ointment.

Circulation: - Poppy
Stimulant: - Rose
Depression: - St. Johns Wort
Blood Disorders - Panax Ginseng
Skin Disorders - Spirulina
:: Homeopathic Remedies
Dizziness: Arnica, Theriden, Causticum
Depression: Aurum Met, Causticum, China
Hemorrhoids: Hamamelis, Aesculus.
Erectile Dysfunction: Lycopedium, Agnus Castus,
Confusion: Cannabis Ind
Irritability/Anger: Nux Vomica, Lycopodium
Painful Menstruation with Depression and Self-Pity: Pulsatilla
with Irritability, Tearfulness and Indifference: Sepia
soothed by heat and pressure: Mag Phos.
:: Flower Essences
Click to enlargeAnger, Short Temper, Hateful and Jealous - Beech, Holly, Chicory and Impatiens(Bach), Mountain Devil (Australian Bush Flower), Blue Elf Viola(Alaskan)
Ungrounded, Vague and Scattered Thoughts - Clematis, (Bach), Jacaranda, Red Lily, Sundew(Australian Bush Flower), Northern Turkeyblade(Alaskan)
:: Mayan Magnetic Tone - Tone 1
Click to enlargeMagnetic Tone of Purpose
Attract Energy
- Receive
Keywords - Attract, unify, purpose
Mayan Name - Hun

Power - Represented by one dot, visualise the dot on a piece of paper, it attracts you like a magnet, the beginning of a series of 13. Use this to set a purpose, receive and collect energy.
Guidance - Initiate new creation in tune with your Higher Self and Divine Purpose.
Query - Do you dare to receive!
:: Totem Helpers
Click to enlargeEvery animal has a powerful spirit, personality and characteristics unique to that power animal.

Elephant - Ancient Power, Solidity, Strength, Royalty.
Ostrich - Becoming Grounded.
:: Location In The Body
Click to enlargePerineum/Coccyx - The beginning of the Egyptian 13 Chakra System is located between the genitals and anus.
:: Body Parts/Glands And Organs
Click to enlargeSpine - Coccyx, Feet, Legs, Blood, Nervous System, Lymphatic System, Circulatory System, Vagina and Testes, Large and Small Intestine, Rectum, Skin.
:: Practical Suggestions
Click to enlargeHere is a sample list of ideas to assist clearing and activating your root chakra. 1. Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day.
2. Do not raise your voice in anger.
3. Clear out clutter from the house.
4. Do some gardening or take a walk in nature.
5. Sort out finances, catch up with all paperwork.
6. Practice forgiveness, the quickest way to release anger and
7. Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life.
8. Laugh out aloud!
Put some Red in your life when you want:
* increased enthusiasm and interest
* more energy
* action and confidence to go after your dreams

4 Mystical

:: Chant/Prayer
Click to enlargeI call to mind a Great Mystery; circular things, without an end; or beginning or middle; In here.
I call to mind the Great Unseen; for who can say where Spirit starts
and where it goes and if it ends In here.
I call to mind its eternal Breath; its wisdom and its strength renewed
coming back to where it began; In here.
:: Dualism - Two Basic Opposing Elements
Click to enlargeAny philosophical system that seeks to explain all phenomena in terms of two distinct and irreducible principles. It is opposed to monism and pluralism. In Plato's philosophy there is an ultimate dualism of being and becoming, of ideas and matter. Aristotle criticized Plato's doctrine of the transcendence of ideas, but he was unable to escape the dualism of form and matter. In modern metaphysics this dualism has been a persistent concept.

:: Metaphor
Worrying about what people think dis-empowers YOUR values. It places control in THEIR opinions and THEIR reaction.
:: Faith
Click to enlargePaganism
Pagan is derived from the Latin Paganus, meaning 'a civilian', and from Pagus, 'a village'. Pagans are people from a village, or more commonly, simply country-dwellers. The majority of Pagans today live in towns, this term accurately describes the Pagan heritage, and the affinity which modern Pagans feel with the natural environment. Most modern pagans believe that everything has a soul or spirit. People, animals, plants and even some inanimate objects possess a soul, and a specific place in the world, that is, we all exist for a reason. Some may not take the belief so far, but may still believe that every living thing is just as important as any other. People, animals, plants, etc. are created equal and must be afforded respect. Which is why sometimes you may see a pagan requesting permission from a tree before picking an apple! This is called Animism, and all Pagan religions share this belief. Rivers, animals, rocks, trees, land are all filled with their own unique spirits. Much of our myth and folklore has to do with the changing of seasons and other natural events. In addition, those cycles that mirror the cycles of Nature which Religious ceremonies co-ordinate with the phases of the moon. Myth and folklore have a lot to do with the changing of seasons and other natural events, as well as cycles that mirror the cycles of Nature which take place within the human body. Eg the monthly menstrual cycle. Modern pagans follow a religion which is as old as humanity itself, but whose practices have been adapted to suit life in the modern world, people who have made a positive choice to follow a path of individual spiritual growth, in harmony with the Earth. Modern Pagans come from all walks of life, including police officers, scientists, solicitors, health care professionals, teachers, farmers, information technology specialists, industrial relation specialists, graphic designers, engineers, the list goes on!
:: Red Black Chakra 1