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Lower Heart Chakra
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Lower Heart Chakra

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Beliefs and principles are what we put our faith in. Our own individual sense of faith is acknowledged, expressed and reflected in all religions of the world.
:: Chant/Prayer
Hebrew - New Testament
Never will I leave you
Never will I forsake you
So we say with confidence
The Lord is my helper
I will not be afraid
What can man do to me.

:: Dualism - Two Basic Opposing Elements
Click to enlargeKnowing your power/Looking for you power.
:: Metaphor
After this I will return.
:: Faith
Click to enlargeChristianity
A faith based on the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus was born a Jew, 2000 years ago in Roman occupied Palestine. The Christian bible consists of the Hebrew Bible ('The Old Testament') and also 27 books of the 'New Testament', these were written after Jesus' earthly mission. The information with regard to Jesus' life was taken from the first four books of the 'New Testament', which are called the gospels ('good news'). In the gospels they show the names of Jesus' followers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These scriptures are known as the Word of God, divinely inspired. Jesus taught his followers that they should concentrate on laying up spiritual treasures in heaven, rather than their material ones on earth. As God is a generous parent, those who love God, wish to follow the path of righteousness, they should pray for help in private. 'Ask, and it will be given you, seek, and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you'. Jesus was also known for turning water into wine, healing the sick, walking on water, casting devils out of the possessed, turning a few small loaves and fish into enough food to feed thousands, they were also leftovers. Jesus performed these miracles with compassion and quietly. The Gospels interrupted these miracles as signs of the coming kingdom of God.