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Senses Chakra

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Here we recommend positive and helpful tips, remedies and therapies, and we offer practical suggestions to help you remain in optimum health, revitalise your wellbeing and prevent dis-ease.
:: Location In The Body
Tip of the Nose
:: Body Parts/Glands and Organs
Skull, Nose, Brain, Sinus, Ears, Nervous System, Lymphatic System
:: Empowering Affirmations
Sow an act and you reap a habit, sow a habit, and you reap a habit, sow a habit and you reap a character, sow a character and you reap a destiny - Charles Read
:: Crystals And Minerals
Crystals can be used in many ways, we suggest you intuitively place on your body or carry in your pocket, place around your bed at night time or add it to your drinking water!

Bavenite - Use for disorders relating to speech, hearing, sight, smell and touch. Promotes 'flowering' of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.
Blue Topaz - Allows you to see all opinions are equally important, reducing arrogance in ones life. Assists bringing balance and union to the body, mind and spirit.
Smithsonite - Use for disorders relating to sinus, digestion, and improve the immune system. Promotes harmony in uncomfortable situations, strengthens abilities in the psychic, clairvoyance and clairsentience realms.
:: The Use Of Essential Oils
Nosebleed - Cypress, Frankincense, Lavender and Juniper
Earache - French Basil, Chamomile and Lavender
Nasal Congestion - Dwarf Pine.
:: Foods - A Good Way To Feed Your Chakra
Click to enlargeBilberries, Blue Plums, Blue Seaweed.
:: The Use Of Natural Remedies
Create your own herbal infusion, tincture, cream or ointment.

Ear Infection - Blend 3 tablespoons of olive oil with 1 clove garlic, apply 3 drops to each ear 3 times daily.
Sinusitis - Anise, Cats Claw, Elderberry, Wasabi and Thyme
Ear Infection - Echinacea, Garlic Oil, Goldenseal, Mullein Oil, Olive Leaf and St. Johns Wort Oil.
Tinnitus - Ginkgo
:: Homeopathic Remedies
Nosebleeds: Ferrum Phos, Ipecac
Sinusitis: Kali Bich, Hepar Sulph
Earache: Belladonna, Hepar Sulph
Tinnitus: Salicylicac, Carbon Sulph
Inflammation: Apis
:: Flower Essences
Stubbornness - Beech (Bach), Bauhinia, Isopogon, Freshwater Mangrove(Australian Bush Flower), Glacier River (Alaskan)
Narrow Minded - Rock Water (Bach), Bauhinia, Freshwater Mangrove, Slender Rice Flower(Australian Bush Flower)
Depression/Introspective - Willow (Bach), Sunshine Wattle(Australian Bush Flower)
Forgetfulness - White Chestnut, Agrimony (Bach), Sundew, Isopogon(Australian Bush Flower)
:: Mayan Magnetic Tone 10 - Planetary Tone
Planetary Tone of Manifestation
Produce Energy
- Manifest
Keywords - Produce, perfect, manifestation
Mayan Name - Lahun

Power - Time has come to realise your purpose and manifest here on Earth. Touch it, feel it, make it become a reality on this planet.
Guidance - Complete and manifest in excellence with gratitude and truth.
Query - Do you honour your ideas by expressing them?
:: Totem Helper
Owl - Mystery of Magic, Omens, Silent Wisdom and Night Vision.
:: Practical suggestions
Put some blue in your life when you want:
* calm and relaxation to counteract chaos or agitation
* to open the flow of communication
* to broaden your perspective in learning new information
* solitude and peace